17 Signs Your PC Might Be Infected

17 signs that your PC might be infected with a virus or some kind of malware.–PC Pitstop

17 Signs Your PC Might Be Infected

Anand Khanse for The Windows Club

Symptoms of Malware Infection

The typical symptoms that your computer may have been compromised are:

1. Change in your browsers home page or default search
2. Your web browser hangs or becomes sluggish
3. Your computer starts behaving sluggishly or hangs often
4. You are unable to open security-related sites or Microsoft.com domains.
5. You get re-directed to web pages you did not intend to visit
6. Unexpected toolbars in your browser
7. Security software or Firewall disabled
8. Your security software throws up warnings or its icon turns red or something.
9. Pop-ups while browsing, unknown or excessive

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9 thoughts on “17 Signs Your PC Might Be Infected

  1. My computer has placed my Quickbooks file in auto data recovery , and it shows as typed destinations are inaccessible… I have changed nothing. My drives seem to be messed up this all happened after downloading Pitstop software…. they cannot help they said I… they did try a few things… if I could get Quickbooks and my documents to save returning to factory settings would not be a problem

  2. I’m not sure if this works so much as a comment as an observation. I use Incredimail to receive my emails. Lately it has been very slow to load and also does not scroll through various emails.

    I run the paid versions of AVG, and Malwarebytes on startup, weekly runs of Spybot, CC cleaner, I also have weekly schedules for auslogics speed boost 7& PC Matic. Except for showing a few tracking cookies nothing else has shown up

    • @Michael Hennessey: It sounds like you might have 2 antivirus on your computer. I found that Malwarebytes will conflict with another antivirus. Try removing it. I only use malwarebytes (even tho I have the paid version) when I’m having a problem. I turn off my pc matic super shield and then run a scan with malwarebytes. By the way,, why do you have speedboost 7 and pc matic. you dont need both. they might conflict. Also you really dont need ccleaner if you have pc matic either. I only use ccleaner for cookies. you DONT want two registry cleaners. they will conflict and mess up your computer BAD. Trust me I found out the hard way.

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