Is that public Wi-Fi connection secure?

You just accepted the terms of service for that public Wi-Fi…does that make it secure?–PC Pitstop.

Is that public Wi-Fi connection secure?

By Leo Notenboom

If you connect without a password to a open Wi-Fi hotspot and can see anything at all, then it’s not a secure connection.

Many hotels and airports and other places with an open Wi-Fi hotspot display a page that I need to login to before I can connect to the internet. Does that login mean that it’s a secure connection?
No. Absolutely not.

It’s a very important distinction to make, and one that I’m afraid many people misunderstand.

Wi-Fi security

The security, or lack thereof, in Wi-Fi exists in the wireless connection between your laptop and the Wi-Fi access point.

In an open Wi-Fi hotspot, it is not secure. It doesn’t matter what, if anything, happens after that.

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