Removing Firefox Ad Tiles

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Removing Firefox Ad Tiles

Anand Khanse for The Windows Club

With a view to increasing its revenue, Mozilla has started displaying advertisements starting with Firefox v33.1. The ads will appear in the form of Tiles in the new tabs page which used to show the history of the most visited sites by the user.

Mozilla’s major revenue comes from the Google, under the deal, where the Google search engine is installed as a default in the Firefox browser. With Firefox falling a distant 3rd in the browser market share with just 14% share, Mozilla does not have an upper hand going into the negotiation with Google to renew the deal that expires this November. Hence, the decision to start displaying ads is seen as an attempt from Firefox to decrease its dependence on Google, where it can start making revenue for itself.

Firefox does not allow tracking its user’s browsing history. It has clarified that running sponsored content in tiles is results-based and not surveillance-based. It will also not allow tracking beacons or code in Tiles.

Thus, while the ads are not intrusive as such, and help Mozilla earn some money to support its development. But if you wish you can easily disable them.

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3 thoughts on “Removing Firefox Ad Tiles

  1. I have my email through Yahoo/Google with AT&T and it is overrun with adds. It’s like they don’t make enough money already. In my list of emails on the right side among other places is a whole section of ads that I can’t get rid of. I pay enough for internet already through AT&T U Verse bundle and shouldn’t have to pay to see MORE ads and it’s getting worse. We are retired and both disabled, through no fault of our own and live fairly good but would like to keep it that way. Last year we were paying about 325.00 a month and I complained to AT&T and they gave me some six month and three month price breaks (specials they don’t want you to know about) and then raised the monthly bill to 450.00 after they ran out. We can’t travel that much so we depend on TV, Internet and phones for internet. Anyway, I open a email and there are adds all through it and I’m sick of it. I pay “NO, ABSOLUTELY NO” attention to these ads except for the fact that they are irritating as crap. Some times you don’t notice the difference and accidentally select one and end up in some place you don’t even want to be. On TV it’s nothing but ads and I’m sick and tired of it ALL! Please contact me at my email address as I may not get back to this sight to see an answer, thank you, Jerry.

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