5 Reasons to Maintain your Computer

5 Reasons to Maintain your Computer

By Rob Cheng


1. Productivity – When you don’t maintain your computer, every day you use your computer, junk accumulates, unncecessary and unwanted programs and services load into memory or potentially a virus is creeping on your hard drive. Only through regular maintenance can your computer run the same as when you first purchased it.

The first impact is your productivity. We have all seen it in real life. When talking to customer service on the telephone, how often must they apologize because you are both on waiting on a response from their computer? This happens to all of us and our productivity suffers.

2. Frustration – Without proper maintenance, your computers gets slower still and pure frustration becomes to set in. Working on your computer has become a chore, and you start pricing out new computers. When you don’t get all your work done, you blame your computer rather than the lack of maintenance for that same computer.

3. Data Loss – It doesn’t happen to everyone, but when it does it can be catostrophic. As your unmaintained computer goes down the rabbit hole, it can also become unstable, sometimes freezing, or requiring a reboot to restore normal operation. During these time, frequently your work is lost and you have to start all over again. It really never should get this far but often it does.

4. Asset Management – Your computer is just like your car, an essential part of your life, that greatly impacts your life, productivity and happiness. We all know that we need to take care of our car. It is generally accepted that we should rotate the tires, change the oil, and check other fluid levels. At the very least, we throw out all the trash that has accumulated and perhaps vacuum the inside and the trunk. That’s because we know that if we take care of our car, it will take care of us.

The same simple concepts apply just as well to your computer. Proper maintenance can add years of longevity to your computer as well as reducing frustration and stress.

5. Getting a new computer – Aside from the expense of a new computer, there is also the trials and tribulations of getting your new computer to run like the new one. Configuring Windows, and downloading and configuring all of your applications, can take multiple weeks. It is best just keeping your old computer running just like you wanted.

There’s really no reason not to properly maintain your computer. There are numerous free tools out there. The nice thing about PC Matic is that it has as scheduler so that the entire process is automated and PC Matic sends you a weekly maintenance email for each of your computers.

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9 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Maintain your Computer”

  1. That’s a good tip that regular maintenance will keep your computer running like when you first purchased it. Viruses and apps can load in your memory and slow a computer, like you mentioned. If you don’t have the know how to solve a computer problem, it’s probably time to take your computer into a shop.

  2. Why is it that we can’t talk on the phone with a technician to resolve a problem? Is your phone number a big secret?

    1. @Damian Terpin:

      We do not offer phone based support for our products. However, our live technicians are available 7 days a week via pcmatic.com/cs. This online support system allows us to provide the most efficient and effective technical responses to our customers.

  3. This does make sense but buying maintenance software makes zero sense, well it does make sense for the software developer but for the end user.

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