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Never Login with Facebook

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Never Login with Facebook

Bob Rankin

Mari Sherkin has been happily married for over 25 years, so she was more than a little surprised to learn she had a dating profile on matchmaking service Zoosk.com that she never created. Find out how it happened, and how it could easily happpen to you…

What is OAuth, and Why Should You Care?

According to Mary, a popup ad on Facebook invited her to take a look at Zoosk. She says she didn’t want to, so she clicked the X in one corner of the ad to close it. But suddenly she was whisked to Zoosk.com’s home page; she wanted none of that, so she closed the browser window. Mere minutes later, she says, emails from Zoosk members began flooding her inbox, expressing interest in her Zoosk profile — which Mary says she never created.

That profile included her name, Facebook profile picture, and postal code. Mary lives in a small town 2.5 hours from Toronto, and she is understandably concerned about the damage that could be done to her reputation by this apparent evidence of infidelity.

How did Zoosk get the data it needed to create this bogus profile of Mary? Article Continued Here

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12 thoughts on “Never Login with Facebook”

  1. Not just Zoosk, I opened my email today and found out I have an account on Farmers Only. They sent me 6 possible matches, the oldest was 20. Not interested in any kids as I'm 55. LOL

  2. I have a Facebook account in order to comment on various website articles. However, that account has no personal information at all. No pictures, no addresses, no birthdate, no nothing. I don't trust Facebook or many other websites. In fact, I have no interest in "social networking" at all.

  3. Me too. 64 and have to laugh at these virtual come-ons. I've been getting them by TEXT to my phone recently.
    They always start with "I saw your picture on Facebook and …" Astounding, since I have no picture on Facebook!

  4. I was wandering why i was getting emails from females who said they were looking at my profilei dont need the bull on my computer im 62 years old retired marine that just don't want or need it

  5. Gill Chesney-Green

    Ridiculous that there was a pop-up appearing before I had finished the article!! Didn't click the X in the corner… just closed the page. Why give other companies the permissions to use pop-ups on your site? Grrr!

  6. I'm even considering a cure on par with cutting off my head to cure a headache, getting rid of my computer and email and my smartphone altogether, and going back to encyclopedias, yellow pages, snail mail, beepers, and the local library. the good old days 🙂

  7. LMAO The same exact thing happened to me. I have anti-malware software that removes these things and also fixes my registry. But it blew me away when I started getting a whole bunch of emails to fix me up with dates. Zoosk is OFF my computer now. No more emails wanting to meet me.

  8. You recommended the permissions site to stop malware and keep check on what you were allowing but when I downloaded it webroot popped up a warning of a threat “Kangu…???) so I didn’t enable it, even though it said it was installed.

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