Skype To Offer Real-Time Translation

Skype To Offer Real-Time Translation

Every now and then the potential impact of technology is breath taking…here is a perfect example.

Microsoft’s Skype software will start translating voice calls between people today. As part of a preview program, Skype Translator makes it possible for English and Spanish speakers to communicate in their native language, without having to learn a new one. It sounds like magic , but it’s the result of years of work from Microsoft’s research team and Skype to provide an early working copy of software that could help change the way the world communicates in the future.

Skype Translator Preview works on Windows 8.1 or preview copies of Windows 10, and it works by translating voice input from an English or Spanish speaker into text and translated audio. An English speaker will hear a translation from a Spanish speaker, and vice versa. Microsoft previously demonstrated the technology working between English and German, but Spanish will be the only language outside of English that will be initially supported during the preview.

Skype Translator Sign-Up Page

We are so excited to kick off the preview program and hope that you’ll sign-up today to be part of this new chapter in communication. To get started, please visit the Skype Translator sign-up page! For more technical information on the Skype Translator preview, hear from the team on the Garage Blog.

How to Use Skype Translator

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  1. It was just a matter of time before technology would beat the language barrier making big step's in conferencing and or lecturing to become available with out a real life translator open to the general public is something that allowed's people to get real would perspective of News and opinion from around the world making pen friend's might become the next big thing if people take to having this technology to find interesting new way's to find real time news and events that they feel might be being diluted or impartial to what's going on there due to big corporate media moguls keeping you knowing a cert ton point of view helping to slow down new world order

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