8 Great Windows Shortcuts You May Have Forgotten

8 keyboard shortcuts for Windows that you may have forgotten – but still make life much easier.–PC Pitstop.

8 Great Windows Shortcuts You May Have Forgotten

By Vamsi Krishna for MakeTechEasier

Every operating system and software has its own set of keyboard shortcuts and they actually make our life easier by eliminating the need for tedious mouse clicks. In fact, if you know how to move around with just your keyboard, you can increase your productivity two fold. But no matter how important or easy the shortcuts are, we often forget or ignore some of them due to reasons like very little use or awkward placement on the keyboard. Here are some of those forgotten or most ignored Windows shortcuts.

1. Ctrl + Y

Most of you may know that “Ctrl + Z” is used to undo the immediate previous action performed by the user. This is really helpful at times, but do you actually know that there is a shortcut called “Ctrl + Y” which will redo anything that is undone? This will be a life saver at times, so don’t ever forget this shortcut.

2. Win + Pause/Break

You can easily open the System details window in your Windows machine directly from the Control Panel. In Windows 8, it is even easier: just press “Win + X” and select the option “System.” But to make it even easier, just press “Win + Pause/Break” on your keyboard and the System details window will pop-up.

3. Alt + Print Screen

The Print Screen (Prt Scr) key on your keyboard is often used to take snapshots of the current screen. But if you want to quickly take a screenshot of just the active window, then press “Alt + Print Screen.” This eliminates any need for editing the screenshot to just the active window.

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