8 Reasons You Must Backup

8 reasons you must backup your data now.–PC Pitstop

8 Reasons You Must Backup

Bob Rankin

Why Backup? 8 Good Reasons (and YOUR backup questions answered)

It’s a fair question… why should you bother to make backups? It’s especially understandable if you’ve been fortunate enough to never experience any sort of data loss. But I’ve got a list of EIGHT reasons, some of which may surprise you. Read on for that list, and ANSWERS to some of the best questions submitted by those who took my survey on backups…

Do I Really Need to Back Up My Files?

I wrote the first edition of my ebook Everything You Need to Know About BACKUPS in 2010 because I’m passionate about making sure that important files — programs, documents, emails, contacts, music, photos, and financial records — are NEVER lost due to a data disaster.

My goal was (and is) to teach people how to make backups easily, inexpensively, and automatically.

I’ve now completed the 4th Edition, and I’m excited because I believe that my plain English explanations and instructions will guide both advanced users and even the most non-technical readers to success with backups, and trigger a “Wow, that was easier than I thought!” response when they’re done.

Yes, Backup Now

I’m psyched that over 6200 of you took my survey last week, and told me your top two questions about backups that you wanted me to answer.

I’m going to answer some of those questions here, but first, let’s get into my list of reasons why you need to make backups.

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