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What Has My Kid Installed on My PC

How Windows 8 users can see what has been purchased and downloaded on to their PCs.–PC Pitstop

What Has My Kid Installed on My PC

By Dave Taylor

The Question:My son and I share a Microsoft Live account. Given that, I’m curious whether there’s a way for me to see what apps he’s installed on his Windows 8.1 PC?

Dave’s Answer:

What an interesting question! Since you both share a Windows Live account, actually you can see what apps he’s installed, at least what he’s purchased and downloaded from the Microsoft Store. There are many other ways to install software on a Windows PC, however, including downloads from other sites or even the tried and true method of buying a CDROM or DVD that has a program and its data all ready to go. In those cases you’d have no idea unless you looked at his PC, but that’s a more complicated process, so let’s stick with the Microsoft Store for this tutorial.

To start, I’m going to assume you’re running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and that you’re familiar with the Win8 way of navigating.

Find the “Store” tile on the home screen:

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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