5 Reasons CIOs Should Consider Windows 10

5 Reasons CIOs Should Consider Windows 10

By John Dodge for Enterprise CIO Forum

John Dodge thinks businesses should pay close attention to Windows 10 and offers 5 reasons enterprises should consider an upgrade.

Here’s my five:

1) Microsoft royally screwed up Windows 8 and many pronounced the death of PC. But PC sales seem to have stabilized somewhat with small declines rather than the double digit delcines we saw a couple of years ago. PCs are inexpensive, there’s tons of choice and they can be secured. Enterprises know how to manage them and they are still a very viable option for zillions of presentation, spreadsheet and Word jockeys.
My point is enterprises with huge investments in PC should consider evolving that Windows-PC platform if they skipped over Windows 7 and 8. Just try manipulating a huge spreadsheet on a smart phone.

2) Windows promises a high degree of app integration between PCs, tablets and phones. “Windows 10 for phones will basically act like an extension of your PC, featuring universal Windows apps that share the same central heart and design as their PC counterparts, as well as newly universal notifications that synchronize across Windows 10 devices,” says the PC World story. What CIO and user wouldn’t love that even if comes close to the integration Apple has delivered all these years? At a fraction of the price. Click here for Microsoft’s take on universal apps.
Windows 10 could bring sanity and security (Yeah, I know. Windows track record is not good here) into a IT world roiled by consumerization, corporate hacks, gadgets and BYOD.

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Excerpt appears with permission from John Dodge.

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