Do You Still Need a Screensaver?

Once upon a time, screensavers protected your monitor from ‘burn-in’ Are they still necessary?–PC Pitstop.

Do You Still Need a Screensaver?

by The Windows Club

Screensavers are a visual treat and there are plenty available all over the Internet. But are Screensavers necessary anymore? A screensaver is basically nothing but a computer program that fills the screen with images or abstract patterns. It gets activated when the computer is not in use for a particular period of time. The idea behind this originally was to prevent phosphor burn-in on Cathode Ray Tube and Plasma monitors. But since now most of us use LCD monitors, they are used mainly for entertainment or security purposes.

Are Screensavers necessary anymore
Colorful and animated screensavers look good to the eye and sometimes give you a feeling of freshness and fill you with enthusiasm. Back in the 90s and 2000s, they were in abundance and the beautifully animated ones were a craze. Back then, they were necessary too, because of the CRT monitors. But as we moved towards LCD monitors, are the screensavers are activated for security purposes mainly.

Purpose of Screensavers-Article Continued Here

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