Obama to Introduce Sweeping Online Privacy Bill

President Obama is reportedly preparing to propose new restrictions on the ways companies like Facebook & Google can use consumer data.–PC Pitstop.

Obama to Introduce Sweeping Online Privacy Bill

by Fox Van Allen for Techlicious

Has the White House finally changed its tone on issues of online privacy? According to Politico, President Obama is preparing to introduce a “sweeping online privacy proposal” next month that would limit how consumer data is used and sold by companies like Facebook and Google.

The yet-to-be-released bill would require companies that collect your data to ask for permission before collecting and selling your information. Your permission would also be required before companies can repurpose your data. Further, the bill would allow you to access the wealth of data that companies are collecting on you, and provide a mechanism to address and correct inaccuracies.

The bill empowers the FTC to levy penalties of up to $16,500 per violation per day against companies that flaunt the law. Currently, the FTC is largely powerless to address issues of consumer data – it’s only able to levy fines against companies with pre-existing agreements with the agency itself.

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