The Experts’ Favorite Freeware

The Experts’ Favorite Freeware

We recently asked our TechTalk contributors to share a favorite FREE application or tool that they currently use.

Listed below are their recommendations and related comments:

The crew at Dave’s Computer Tips

Marc Thomas – FastStone Image Viewer

David Hartsock – Skype

Richard Pedersen – Firefox

Sherri Johnson-Meinke – CCleaner

Jim Hillier – Sandboxie

Mark Williamson – Avast Antivirus Free

Leo Notenboom
Oh, man. So many.

I’ve just finished writing up some common usage scenarios for Dropbox. It’s one of the first apps I install on any new Windows build out – both for on-the-fly backup as well as cross-machine file sharing.

VLC is absolutely my go-to media player. Recommend it strongly over all alternatives.

I live in Evernote. I recommend Thunderbird to everyone. Chrome is my go-to browser today.

Process Explorer is my go-to solution, still, for figuring out what programs are running and what they’re doing on my machine. Often it leads to using other tools for deeper research, but it’s almost always where I start.

For the power users: VirtualBox. I run multiple versions of Windows for research and assistance all in virtual machines, often simultaneously, on my primary machine (a Mac Pro these days).

Bob Rankin
Some of my Favorite Freeware Apps:
AutoHotKey –
Macrium Reflect –
Libre Office –

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16 thoughts on “The Experts’ Favorite Freeware”

  1. I am surprised that no one mentioned ‘Stickies’. This is superb software. You are able to record, index, search, sleep etc anything on your computer. In my experience this is far superior to any other Note software. I use this well over a couple of dozen times a day and can pull up anything from weeks of months ago with ease. Couple this with a multi clipboard like Clipmate (not free) you can capture and display anything on ‘Stickies’. If it wasn’t free I would willingly pay for it. Indispensable software. A must for all who like to capture data for future reference.

  2. ♦ QDir for file management (view four panes open at once)
    ♦ Q10 for writing (uncluttered, full-screen writing with wordcount and other useful information onscreen as you choose)
    ♦ The Bat! as e-mail client (although I do actually use the Pro version now) – far, far superior to Outlook and usable for professional mailshots, newsletter handling, etc.
    ♦ Cobian Backup
    ♦ BitTorrent Sync to communicate with other computers, netbook etc. (far more private than Dropbox and other Cloud storage/transfer facilities)
    ♦ and yes, definitely FastStone Image Viewer

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