3 thoughts on “Evolution of the Laptop

  1. Our first computer was a TRS 80 Model 100, a laptop. We upgraded a year later to a TRS 80 model 4 that was a desktop. We did all of our papers on these two computers as we completed our college degrees. I was stationed on Okinawa, Japan and for the 3 1/2 years we were there, these were “state of the art” as far as we were concerned.

  2. The details have blurred over time, but I recall meeting the creator of the Osborne in Boulder, Colorado right after he’d finished designing it. The thing that stands out in my memory is that he’d secured a bunch of old portable sewing machine cabinets to house his computer, which is pretty obvious in the photo.

  3. Early laptops had simply pull out handles.
    Which were an awesome idea.

    Why don’t manufacturers make simply handles any more? Damn it is annoying trying to lug a laptop around in your hands with a bunch of other stuff. So simple, yet no one does it.

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