Adding Custom Signature to Outlook

How to add your custom signature to every new message you send from Outlook.–PC Pitstop

Adding Custom Signature to Outlook

By Dave Taylor

The Question:The boss wants us to all use so I’m getting used to it. My question: how can I add a custom signature to my account so that every new message automatically has my signature included?

Dave’s Answer:, also known as Email, is a second (third?) generation webmail interface from the Microsoft team and it’s quite well done, quite elegant. Just as importantly, it’s integrated into Office 365 so it’s easy to access your Word online documents and other content through OneDrive, etc. We’ve also had email around for long enough now that the core functionality is very well understood so you should find a ton of similarities between Google’s Gmail, Yahoo Mail and

So let me show you how to add a custom signature to your composition window in but also point out a couple of useful areas and features along the way too.

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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One thought on “Adding Custom Signature to Outlook

  1. We are using Outlook as our email client. Utilizing IMAP and not POP for the handling of emails.

    Simple question, my email address [email protected] has no junk mail folder like some of the other email addresses in my email folder. Thus when I attempt to use the junk mail button on the ribbon, it is fruitless, can you help me to get a junk folder that is functional. Tried simply creating one and naming it Junk Mail, did not work.

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