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Death in the Family Online Scam

A new online scam targets those still grieving from the death of a loved one.–PC Pitstop

Death in the Family Online Scam

By Stu Sjouwerman, for Security Awareness Training

Cybercrime is innovating on a known and disgusting scam; preying on people that have recently suffered a loss. Used to be that old time scam artists read the obituary notices in the paper, dress in black and show up to freeload at funerals. Well, here is the modern equivalent and it’s much worse. Keep in mind that over 2,4 million Americans die in accidents every year, and over 1 million of these are sudden.

Unfortunately, the Internet allows crime to scale, so a new criminal industry of death has developed. These criminals scan the Internet for a death in the family and start social engineering the immediate family members via email or social media by claiming the deceased left them a confidential message that must be kept secret. They insist on strict confidentiality and after a few emails it turns out they want $2,500 in exchange for 3 DVDs and other “very important documents”. How deep can these people sink? You’d wish for them to be six feet under themselves.

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