Simple Browser Add-On for Privacy

ZenMate is a simple to use browser add-on or extension which promises online anonymity.–PC Pitstop.

Simple Browser Add-On for Privacy

by Richard Pedersen for Daves Computer Tips

Edward Snowden will undoubtedly go down in history as the man who irrevocably changed the world’s perception of online privacy forever. Personally, I think it’s disgraceful that we should even need specific software dedicated to protecting our privacy from snooping governments, advertizing companies, and the myriad of other organizations who spy on and trade off our online activities.

I do believe that some users tend to take precautions to the extreme, however, in today’s privacy-centric online community, dedicated privacy software of some kind or another has become pretty much obligatory.

One such software is a browser add-on (or extension) called ZenMate – available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera – which promises complete anonymity by routing traffic through its VPN cloud-network of secure servers.

ZenMate – Is It Free?

It seems the full featured ZenMate is free to use for the moment but not forever.

If you refer back to the second screenshot from the top, you’ll see that I’ve highlighted a section of text – Thank you for using ZenMate! You have unlimited free data during our launch phase.

ZenMate makes it clear on the official site that they intend to eventually offer both Free and Premium versions, at which time the Free version will obviously involve limitations. What is not clear is how long this “launch phase” will last, so, at his stage, there is no indication of how long unlimited free data will be included before payment is required.

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2 thoughts on “Simple Browser Add-On for Privacy

  1. Thank you for your excellent article. Unfortunately, I cannot find any option on ZenMate’s page, for either Firefox of Internet Explorer. Their add-on only seems to be available for Chrome or Android.

  2. Before the tinfoil hat guys say it I will.
    Could this be a way to circumvent TOR and have those in whom the government might have interest use their sponsored software for illicit puposes while the government watches?

    By the way, tin foil won’t work without a ground or a current circuit. I’ve been wearing mine for years without a breach.

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