Never Too Old to Enjoy a PC

4 myths about being ‘too old’ for a PC – are debunked.–PC Pitstop.

Never Too Old to Enjoy a PC

by Sherri Meinke for Daves Computer Tips

You are never too old to learn a new skill or hobby.

This winter, I had one of my computer students attempt to teach me to knit. Needless to say, I was dropping stitches, pulling the yarn too tight… it windowswas an absolute nightmare. I was frustrated that I could not master the simple skill of a basic knitting stitch. It definitely humbled me and made me think of how many of my students get frustrated in class with computers. Do I left click or right click? How many times do I click? It enlightened me to be more patient when the same student asks the same question over and over and over. The statement “I’m too old to learn” is hogwash!! Help is out there! I can attest, I love working with my senior citizen students more than any other demographic.

Many people, and not just Senior citizens, are commonly depicted as technophobic. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a technophobe as “a person who fears, dislikes or avoids new technology”. Senior citizens are often left out of the loop when it comes to technology. All it takes is a little practice, persistence and patience to learn any new skill. Just for the record I never did knit a sweater or become proficient with knitting needles. Maybe, I will try again next winter.

Negative computer myths addressed

When you really don’t know much about something it is normal to be scared or apprehensive. When it comes to Technology there is so much out there it can be overwhelming to anyone regardless of their proficiency or their age. There are a lot of negative myths out there that I hope to clear up for you.

Here are a few myth busting facts…Article Continued Here

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3 thoughts on “Never Too Old to Enjoy a PC

  1. I am 76 years old. I can build and repair computers and have been doing so for years. I learned what I know thanks to Google and other computer users and builders. I started my education by training with a government agency that started using laptop computers. That was twenty years ago.

  2. I’m 64 and retired and, until recently (when the classes were discontinued and moved to a different venue on a different day which clashed with something else I was doing), I had a voluntary job teaching basic computing to Seniors at a local community centre. One of my students was a man aged 84 who when he came to us knew absolutely nothing about computers. He brought in a laptop which he’d bought a few days previously and told me he wanted just to “look things up on the internet and get emails”. So I got him doing that and then one day he came along to his lesson and said that he was a member of a guitar society and a table tennis club and both of those were “on something called Facebook”. So I helped him to register with Facebook. Then he wanted to buy a practice machine for the table tennis club so I suggested e-Bay and Amazon. He didn’t want to give his bank details online so that meant PayPal. All this in 12 one-hour sessions! I sometimes meet him in the street in town and he’s still checking out his groups on Facebook and ordering things on e-Bay and Amazon and he’s very happy. He’s happy to let me use him as an example to other, younger, Seniors on an “if he can do this then so can you” basis. My landlady is 93 and she’s been using computers for the past 20 years. She administered her late husband’s charitable trust until she handed it over to her son last year – using Excel, Access, Word and making Christmas cards with Publisher and she’s currently writing her memoirs! I agree. With the right attitude, you’re NEVER too old to use computers.

  3. I taught myself to use a computer @ the age of 62, when I say use I have not mastered typing but Maybe not so essential to love what freedom it brings. I have more time learning now retired in Oct, 2011 not only with my laptop but also my tablet (which I am using Now) I would like to know about the workings of computers but fun learning. I get a lot of tips on line, but what I would like to know what programs ICould stop from starting up without putting the device at risk maybe there is a program out to help me? So just got to keep tuned in with PC Pitstop & other Know How’s. nichandy

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