Powerful AutoRun Utility Adds VirusTotal

Powerful AutoRun Utility Adds VirusTotal

A powerful free utility for monitoring startup applications now includes direct access to VirusTotal information.–PC Pitstop.

By Dave for PCTechBytes.com

Autoruns Now With VirusTotal Integration

Microsoft began using VirusTotal in its popular utility Process Explorer last year. VirusTotal is now also integrated with Autoruns in version 13.0. Autoruns is a power-user’s favorite tool for displaying items that are configured to run during the start-up of the Windows. With Autoruns, you can monitor and control start-up items much easier than using Windows Task Manager. With the addition of VirusTotal, Autoruns is now more powerful than ever.

Use Autoruns To Scan Startup Programs

Once you download Autoruns, all you have to do is launch the autoruns.exe file to launch the application. There is nothing to install. You will immediately see a list of programs that load when you boot up your computer. You will see the program name, description of the program, publisher name and the path where the program resides.

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2 thoughts on “Powerful AutoRun Utility Adds VirusTotal

  1. Every other day I get a flag in the lower rt. of the screen telling me there’s some kind of blockage of Super Shield. Then the green icon turns yellowish. What the hell is going on.

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