New Ransomware Delivered Via Dropbox

A new strain of ransomware is using a one-click dropbox attack.–PC Pitstop

New Ransomware Delivered Via Dropbox

By Stu Sjouwerman, for Security Awareness Training

The cyber-mafia is stepping up the pressure. As you know, there are several competing gangs that are furiously innovating in an attempt to grab as much money as possible. Call it a criminal virtual land-grab.

A new ransomware attack was spotted in Europe that uses a highly-targeted spear phishing attack using Dropbox as a delivery mechanism. It only takes one click to infect a workstation and a victim has just 24 hours to pay the ransom in Bitcoin, which is very aggressive. It’s called the “Pacman” ransomware, suggesting pictures of something eating up all files.

The ransomware strain is highly malicious. Besides containing a ransomware payload, the code includes a keylogger and has “kill process” capabilities that shut down Windows operating system functions like taskmgr, cmd, regedit and more which makes it very hard to remove this malware.

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One thought on “New Ransomware Delivered Via Dropbox

  1. My way of reducing being hit by Crypto and or randsomware is quite simple really. I setup two computers, one for the internet and one for data. The data computer is not connected to the internet neither is it connected to my internet computer. Whilst both setups were clean and unused I cloned both hard drives and made a further clone copy of each. That was two years ago apart from the odd glitch I have had very few problems. I know that this sort of setup is not for everyone but it did mean that at 76 years old I did not have the hassle of upgrading my XP setup. I also store all my data on remote hard drives using a master & son regime. I also installed a UPS system that gives me up to 35 minutes to shut down in case of a power failure. David Guillaume

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