Map Wi-Fi Signal Strength in Your Home

Cool application allows you to mapy the Wi-Fi signal strength in your home.
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Map Wi-Fi Signal Strength in Your Home

By Windows Guides

HeatMapper Maps Wi fi Signal Strength for Your Wireless Network

PROS: This free tool helps you identify “cold” spots in your home/office. Easy to use and does not require a location-aware PC setup.

CONS: You have to sign up with your email address to get to the download but you can unsubscribe any time. You’ll need to use a laptop to take readings throughout your home.

VERDICT: If you’re a geek and you want a map of wi-fi signal strength in your home, this application will do exactly that.


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This excerpt appears with the permission of Windows Guides.

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One thought on “Map Wi-Fi Signal Strength in Your Home

  1. Here’s hoping a more portable version appears. I don’t have a laptop, and any tablet or smart phone would be a far better option.

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