Supporting Our Military & Their Pets

Supporting Our Military & Their Pets

We here at PC Pitstop are extremely proud to have learned that PC Matic is being used by Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pets – a great volunteer organization that is “primarily supporting our Military, Wounded Warriors, Veterans, and their companion animals or assistance service canines via various programs and projects. Programs available to all branch of services (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard) including National Guard and Reservists activated units and available in all 50 states unless noted otherwise”.

Linda Spurlin-Dominik, CEO/COO of Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pets, recently shared how PC Matic is benefitting her organization:

We greatly appreciate helping us to ensure our computers at the National office are protected.

The computers located at our National office in TX (approximately 14 miles west of Fort Hood) we depend on our computers every day to (1) communicate via email to our National, Regional, and State level volunteers located across the country, (2) respond to inquiries from individuals, businesses, and other organizations wanting to learn more about us and the programs we have developed, and (3) besides needing hard copies of all correspondence, submissions for assistance, potential new Admin volunteers, and potential new foster home submissions we maintain a copy of all such documents, tracking workbooks, financial reports, and all other required record-keeping by other organizations are maintained on our computer which are accessed on a daily basis whether maintained on a desk top or lap top.

95% of our efforts on a daily basis involves the organization’s computers. Besides having our files updated via Carbonate, also back-up our files on an external hard drive, so having our computers checked each day for any potential viruses, Malware, etc. is a major factor in protecting our on-site computers from both a nonprofit risk management and liability insurance policy perspective.

In today’s crazy world, no nonprofit organization (501c3 or not) or any for-profit business can’t afford not to have the kind of service that PC Matic provides and for us feel it is very important that we deal with a company that is US based instead of trying to deal with a company that is outside of the USA and/or have outsourced their tech support functions…

We strongly encourage all members of our community to consider the best ways you can support the great work being done by Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets.


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