AutoComplete Windows Command Prompt

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AutoComplete Windows Command Prompt

by The Windows Club

If you are a Windows power user who frequently needs to use the Command Prompt regularly, then you find it useful to turn on auto-complete in Command Prompt. If you want to make the change permanent, you will have to edit the Windows Registry.

File name completion and folder name completion are quick-search features of the Windows command processor or cmd.exe. Auto-complete for CMD.exe is not enabled by default in Windows – you have to enable it.

Enable AutoComplete in Command Prompt

You can activate auto-complete permanently or for the current session only.

Activate auto-complete in CMD temporarily

To activate auto-complete in CMD for the current user for the current command session, open Run box, type cmd /f and hit Enter. The /f switch, enables or disables file and directory name completion characters.

Now press Ctrl+D to complete the folder name or Ctrl+F to complete a file name. Keep pressing this key combination and see the file names change.

To deactivate automatic complete, type cmd /f:off.

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