PC Matic FAQs

PC Matic FAQs

Questions from PC Matic customers – recently answered by The PC Matic Support Team.

Q: When PC Matic runs it scans, it keeps updating my FileZilla FTP software to the latest version which does not work with my web hosting company FTP. system. I need to keep uninstalling the software and re-installing the prior version. How can I stop PC-Matic fro updating this software program?

You can open PC Matic and click on Options>Scan options and set “Update Vulnerable Apps” to Off, then click the red Save button.

That should stop PC Matic from updating FileZilla.


Q: Now that I have installed PC Matic. should I get rid of my Norton software that is part of my Comcast service?

A:There are no known or reported issues between PC Matic and your antivirus product.

However, PC Matic also includes SuperShield, which provides the real time antivirus protection, and if you want to also use SuperShield then there will be a problem.

Most competing security products provide a ‘Real Time’ agent running in the background. SuperShield is also a real-time agent and is monitoring every application that attempts to open on the computer. Running two real time agents can be a source of conflicts, causing the computer to run slowly as well as exhibit strange behaviors. You should choose only one real-time agent to use and uninstall/not install any others.

If you prefer your existing security suite, uninstalling/not installing the SuperShield component will have no effect on the main PC Matic program or how it tunes up the computer.

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Most competing security products provide protection through a ‘suite’ of applications, which basically means that there are numerous running processes to provide protection for the web browser, email client, phishing attacks, viruses, etc. Each item on the computer that is protected uses a process specific to that item.

PC Matic provides a comprehensive malware scan and removal process as well as providing SuperShield, which prevents suspicious items from executing on the computer in the first place. It does not matter if the item comes as an email attachment, a link embedded in a web page, a drive-by download, etc, SuperShield will prevent the malware from being able to execute on the computer without the user’s specific permission.

So it’s really your call, if you prefer Norton’s, then do not install Super Shield, or vise-versa, but by itself, PC Matic and Nortons will not conflict.

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  1. If I am running “PC Matic” on my phone or tablet and I get a new one (one or the other) can I delete the old device and add the new device if I have all 5 devices on?

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