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Should You Upgrade to Windows 10

Leo Notenboom helps you evaluate Windows 10 upgrade options.–PC Pitstop.

Should You Upgrade to Windows 10

By Leo Notenboom

In the wake of recent news including the announcement of a release date for Windows 10 – July 29, 2015 – I’ve been getting this question a lot.

Should you upgrade?

Like so many things, it depends.

I’ve discussed it in a couple of places, but I’ll make my canonical recommendations here, and update this article as things change.

Tech Preview: Just Say No

The tech preview is the version of Windows 10 available right now, before the official release date. It’s intended for technical review, media evaluation, and just general all-around exploring and problem identification.

Note that it is not intended for day to day use, particularly not by the average consumer.

If that’s you – stay away from the technical preview. Wait a while, as I’ll outline below.

Even if that’s not you, I still wouldn’t use it for day-to-day work. I don’t. It’s not done, it has known bugs, and things are still changing. While it’s unlikely, you need to treat it as if it could completely corrupt your machine without warning, destroying all your data and requiring a complete reinstall.1

New machines: fear not

If you purchase a new machine after Windows 10 is released, and it comes with Windows 10, don’t panic.

In fact, embrace Windows 10. There’s no reason to avoid it, and every reason to move ahead with it, particularly clean installs delivered on new machines.

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14 thoughts on “Should You Upgrade to Windows 10

  1. Colleagues:

    Will continue to use MS XP since
    no government work is supported only academic writing and not in the health-related industry. Have updated the drivers and appears to perform well.

    • @MPSmith:
      XP is no longer supported, and no longer secure. Government regulations even prohibit its use in healthcare organizations. In those environments, it is illegal — and for good reason!!! I truly hope you don’t do anything involving sensitive information (financial or otherwise) on that OS. At the very least, give Windows 7 a shot.

  2. Ubuntu is a good one to start with. It's mostly all plug and play has a nice interface, updates itself, or ask you. Never have to defrag, security is much better and no need for anti-virus. OH BTW, has a faster internet.

  3. I've been running micro soft security for years and never had any trouble and now with windows I was told from ma support that it's not compatible with windows 10 so they had me to buy and install micro trend and now a lots of my programs won't work as missing msi or some dll's and lots other stuf. My nero quit working my auto play quit when I put in a blank my DVD drive won't have the auto play drop box asking if I want to burn a disc with nero and all the other choices that it may need to ask what to use to open the files to be burn or open. My windows media palyer is gone and I don't have the option to burn any type of a disc such as the movie maker slideshow or what ever

  4. Microsoft is ridiculous, I know I'm getting tired of spending a wad of money every time Microsoft makes what I just bought obsolete. I never tried Linux but you do make it sound tempting, I'll have to learn more about it.

  5. If you love your Windows 7, keep it. Why not? I will keep it on some of my machines. As for phones, I LOVE Android, and planned to stick with that as well. But have you seen Windows 10? It is WONDERFUL! The code is exactly the SAME across devices, so with the new Continuum, my upgraded Windows phone becomes my PC. With Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a cable for an HDMI monitor (TV), my phone will actially be my PC, running the exact same programs and traveling with me wherever I go. I can't wait! 🙂

  6. Personally I won't upgrade to Windows 10. I don't use mobile apps or use a smart phone. I will delete Microsoft Windows 8.1 after they no longer support it and clean it completely from my computers and do a clean install of Linux. I will be done with Microsoft forever. I like Linux operating systems much better anyway.

  7. "Should You Upgrade to Windows 10"
    Oferta tentadora "Gratis". Pero me pregunto, deberíamos actualizarnos a Windows 10. revisa los consejos de los expertos. Que no nos suceda como en Windows Vista. Recomendable esperar un poco, que otros experimenten por nosotros.

  8. Hey Leo – This is exactly what my Tech Engineer guy (long history with DEC, etc) says, “Just say no!” He says it is simply not a top notch product. We are running UBUNTU and probably will for the forseeable future. Has social media destroyed software for regular/serious users? More of a toy than a tool? Comments?

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