3 thoughts on “Flash or No Flash

  1. I uninstalled flash and found my HP printer would not run many functions. Had to reinstall flash. HP 309a printer

  2. find the hackers. put them on a stake in the city square. buckets on their shoulders. you don't like what the hacker programmed = put a rock in the bucket. like what they did – take one out. one rock to a customer.

  3. I have flash but it is not set to auto play a file it is set for me to activate flash adobe flash gives that option. The page looks fine I don't enable flash for the page if the page has more than two flash files on it either. Which shows up as gray boxes on the page. Yes I know I'm probably missing a lot. But my pc cost money. If you want to protect your investment then you don't get click happy online. Security hasn't really changed that much for computers. You still need a firewall and an anti-virus program. I was hoping it would change more so that securing your PC would not be a headache. Looks like a dream gone

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