Avoiding Windows 10 Upgrade Disaster

Avoiding Windows 10 Upgrade Disaster

As many of you probably already know, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users are capable of getting the new Windows 10 Upgrade for free. If you’ve already clicked the tiny Microsoft logo down in your system tray and reserved your free upgrade, you can patiently wait for it, or you can download the media creation tool now and upgrade to Windows 10 today. But what happens if the upgrade does not go well? Are you prepared for the worst?

Windows 10 System Requirements

You should first make sure your computer is capable of upgrading to Windows 10. If your PC is running Windows 8.1 already, chances are you should have no problem. Here are the official system requirements for Windows 10:

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor
RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS
Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
Display: 800×600

You can find your system specs by going to the Start button and typing msinfo32.exe into the search box.

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59 thoughts on “Avoiding Windows 10 Upgrade Disaster

  1. Mercy, I uploaded to win 10 and nothing but problems.Lost all my games, and a lot of other files. Had trouble getting into my email. Just sucked. So I ask PcPitstop for help and they told me how to go back to 7.Thanks again PcPitstop..I am not cp smart. But I can do some things and can follow directions.

  2. Well, I have a Laptop that came with windows 8.1. Now I have always hated Windows 8. Never found it useful at all to me. I realize part of it is a learning curve, and part is what I grew up with. I started with Windows 3.0 so I have seen them all come ad go as I know a lot of us has. My Laptop and Win 8.1 just did not seem like it is a combo that worked well together. I found Windows 10, and reluctantly tried it. It does have some glitches. But I like it over all. It is easier for me to get around in, and after I set it up to suit me, it seems to work well at least to my liking. But like I say I am old school. I still think XP is the best OS that ever came out. So that tells you where I come from. Since I like wind 10, maybe some of the Old School guys may find it a good system also. Just a thought…..

  3. upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 few days ago. Was all excited until I dicovered Printer,Chrome,Firefox,HP Personal Media Drive and more not working. My Music(Tousends of songs,Photos,Documents all wiped out).Spend Days and nights and money to solve problem.No luck.Tried to print music sheets from musicnotes.com. No luck. Chrome was blocked by Internet Explorer Edge.Same with Firefox. Im so anoid that I returned to Windows 7. Everything works again, except I have to download my lost Music ect. My next computer will be Apple, no more Microsoft Windows. Is only crapp !!!!!!!!!!

  4. I hace upgraded to Windows 10 and now nothing works. Every application I have results with "page cannot be found". The browser imbeded in Windows 10 seems to be blocking everything including IE and Google Chrome. Applications I have purchased since the upgrade seem to be working. Need help!

  5. I installed win 10, only immediate problem was when it had installed it was to give me a completion window……..not so.
    I finally got tired of waiting and pulled up the task manager and with a few stokes WIN 10 was up and working. looked it over.
    Seemed clunky to me but I am a true fan of WIN 7. used it for a day, shut it down about 10:00 p.m. The next morning, I fired up the
    laptop ready for another learning session. GUESS WHAT? CRITICAL ERROR MESSAGE……POOR WAY TO START THE DAY.
    Followed the instructions but evidently MS 10 was asleep. it refused to bring up the cursor where I could input their remedy. CUTE!
    The computer was locked up tight . I was getting upset. Well, the task manager worked before so i jumped on that. That maneuver
    brought up some pages with instruction that would take me all day to MAYBE DO IT RIGHT? At which point I decided MS had the right price on their new MS10. Fortunately, a page popped up. It offered; would you like to reinstall MS 7? I got up, did my happy dance and re installed MS 7. So far the re install working a-ok, even cleaned up some hickeys my previous O.S had developed.

  6. I was using Windows 7 and having no problems with it. Guess the free upgrade offer for Windows 10 was too tempting, so I went for it. Before I did, of course I checked on their upgrade website to ensure my PC (an HP Pavilion P6644Y) was compatible. It was. Well….. All went smoothly until I discovered I had lost two things after an uneventful download-my CD/DVD was no longer working and my old Photoshop CS program needed to be "reactivated" by Adobe since they noted that (being a registered program) there had been a change to my computer. Adobe no longer supports PS CS, so they told me they couldn't reactivate the program. It was dead and worthless. Then, after hour upon hour talking (either chat or on the phone with MS and HP), it was determined by a tech at MS that there were no drivers in the upgrade to support my CD/DVD drive. They did state that they were coordinating with HP to provide those within a week or so (sure….), but did offer to roll my PC back to Win 7 until the drivers were ready. I accepted and now everything is working once again, thankfully, After contacting Adobe again, they sent me to their site that offers older program downloads that they can "activate", so now I have PS version CS 2 that is up and running. This took me days to track down and figure out what all had happened. I'm so grateful no files were lost during all of this. Some of the advice in these comments require you to be pretty savvy with computer directories, etc. I am not one of those experts, but at least I did have everything backed up and updated.
    Really check it out before making the leap. While trying to sort all of this out, it did appear that there are some interesting and intuitive features on Win10, if and when they get all of the bugs worked out. I'm in no hurry!

  7. Hi all, I’ve now performed 18 W10 upgrades (13 from 7, 5 from 8.1). Apart from 1 user who requested a restore to 7, all have gone to plan. Even the restored copy had no issues. My advice? make sure ALL updates are installed prior to upgrade. Remove anti-virus software after a full scan. Make sure NVIDIA drivers are stable, if not, roll back. Perform spyware scans and clear all temp folders. Starting from a stable platform appears to be the key.

  8. Be very careful *** The free Windows 10 Upgrade uses a NEW activation KEY during install, BUT they do not give you this new key.
    – If you replace your hard drive or motherboard AFTER doing the free upgrade to Windows 10, Windows will need REactivating, but you can NOT, because you did not receive the new key, and your key for the previous version of Windows will no longer work.
    – You will need to roll back to the previous version of Windows (only available for a month after upgrading to 10), then upgrade to 10 again – OR – buy a new copy of Windows 10 to get a NEW key.
    *** Back up your system BEFORE upgrading to 10. ***

  9. Is Windows 10 working with Quickbooks Pro accounting software? When windows 8 came out it did not work at first. Quickbooks support said about half its users were not getting w8 to work.

  10. Mine upgraded ok, was working for last few days then either windows or nvidia experience thing said i had a driver update for graphics card so i installed it and my SLI went and wouldnt detect my second graphics card

  11. I've upgraded 3 computers and all 3 have since crashed after updates from Microsoft pr video card driver updates (Nvidia). Since the crashes I've done clean installs of Windows 10, without formatting the hard drive so that all the personal files are saved on the drive. I've done updates including drivers and not one system has crashed. It's been a week since I've done the clean install. I suggest to everyone to make a boot disk or bootable flash drive and install windows this way. When the windows activation pops up, just skip it. Windows 10 will auto activate once it's finished installing and connected to the internet. You'll have to reload all of your software, but that"s a minor price to pay for a workable system. Also if you are looking for your personal files, they will be in the Windows.old folder, that includes the User directory.

  12. Just because of Wifi problem you went back to Windows 7? I wish to have the same problem like you have got…Why? Because it's so easy to fix this compare to my problem with not compatible graphic card…

  13. Ha, ha, ha it would be beautiful if these minimal "official system requirements for Windows 10 or 8.1 or 8" could be working in real life, but sadly they will not work at lest at the graphic card. I have got the Acer TravelMate 4670 laptop and it contain the WDDM 1.0 driver, but sadly said it's not enough for the Windows 8 as it has to have at least the WDDM 1.2 driver otherwise you will not able set up any graphic driver but the generic in the Windows 8 which is not sufficient to use as it has so low sharpness for example of the letters on websites etc. so that practically you have't got any chance to use this OS…If somebody on this world who is possessing the same laptop and has been using successfully any graphic driver but the generic at the Windows 8 or 10 so then I will apologize for this HA,HA,HA very loudly…

  14. I loaded the free version on my dell xps 8700. from 8.1. Took about 2 hours total and not one hiccup. Every thing running ok.
    All software is and was up to date.

  15. Yet Another creation from Microsoft that is more trouble than desired. Internet capability is now questionable at best. Got so fed up went out and purchased a MAc Book Pro. should have done this years ago. So tired of Microsoft horse apples!

  16. I have upgraded to 10 from win 7 and now have a big problem. The cursor will not work or is nonexistent. I've tried my best to downgrade using directional keys without success. Any advice to fix this or just downgrade?

  17. I have upgraded to 10 from win 7 and now have a big problem. The cursor will not work or is nonexistent. I've tried my best to downgrade using directional keys without success. Any advice to fix this or just downgrade?

  18. I upgraded to 10 and my video display when to generic with no options to change the resolution. I updated my video driver and that appeared to clear that problem. The next bug or issue was that it sort timed me out on the web. I would browse the website using Chrome, and almost to the tee it stopped browsing…giving the international circle going around and around…I rebooted…regained access…approximately 60 minutes…the circle appeared again…reboote two more times, but this time I used explorer…same issue….so I just restored to 7…and no issues…too many bugs….when you have to load drivers..etc…..once again Microsoft pushed out a product without fully checking the issues…I hope this is not another millenium issue.

  19. Absolute night mare. I hate Windows 10. Nothing but problems. Main one being unable to run very expensive software I have with no reason as to why. Tried using the windows 10 downgradde option but it said it couldn't do it as the files it needed has been deleted…..I didn't delete anything. Spent a few hours getting back to my Windows 7 image

  20. avoid a win 10 upgrade disaster? AVOID IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. hahahaha. seriously, with all the problems associated with this, plus the fact that they're just GIVING it away….i wouldn't touch it with a two meter polearm. there's an expensive second shoe that's waiting to be dropped and no way in god's green earth will it drop on my machine.

  21. My husband updated his 7, like a dream, all worked nothing lost. My story is different (I keep all software/drivers up to date) – update to 10 as far as process goes was uneventful, same steps and prompts as for my husband. Except: I lost and could not fix broadband (wireless broadband, Ethernet connection to PC), did not detect the monitor so display resolution of 1920 x 1080 was not available, did not detect multiple monitors (I can’t work without them) at which point I decided to revert to 7 using the inbuilt recover function. Completely restored my 7, everything works as before and I am staying put, although I store all data on external storage, I have a host of graphics/web design related software that I cannot afford to jeopardize (not Adobe) so the little window stays put and I am not going to click on “Let’s go” any time soon. I understand the limitations re multiple monitors is known, bugs are being fixed ‘as we go’ and that a major fix (like “10.x”) is planned for October. I can wait.

  22. I upgraded a Dell Inspiron 560s Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10 the first Saturday in August. Prior to that installation Windows Update installed a compatibility update I’m guessing to update/upgrade the existing drivers. Right away I had a problem with the graphics driver, and had to rollback or reinstall the original driver. My computer does not like the newer Intel g43/g45 driver and I had to hide it in Windows Update so it won’t install again. The screen went black, and it wasn’t until I got into safe mode that I could rollback the driver. And it happened more than once. After Windows 10 installed and I saw the desktop for the first time I knew something was off because the screen resolution was all messed up. I have a large monitor and have it set for the highest resolution you can have on it. All I did was right click on the desktop to correct the screen resolution and that’s all she wrote folks. Screen went back and I eventually got it back into Safe Mode. It all went downhill from there and after 45 minutes of trying to get it to work.. I did a clean install of Windows 7 and that was then end of Windows 10 on this computer.
    I didn’t even get to see what Windows 10 looked like.

    Fortunately I was prepared for this and had everything backed up. Just make sure, if you revert back to Windows 7, that you hide the update for Get Windows 10 and the compatibility update or Windows 10 will try and install on your pc again.

    So here’s the thing. If you’re happy with Windows 7 and if there is anything wrong that a clean install would fix. Do that. DO NOT upgrade Windows 10 on a Windows 7 pc that is a more than a year or two old. It will not like it. If you want Windows 10, buy a new computer with it already installed on there. You’ll be a lot happier. Friends who have upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 have not had any issues. In fact they like it a heck of a lot more than Windows 8.1. Which I think was the point of Windows 10 for Windows 8.1 users.

  23. I had so many problems with Windows 10 mail that I have gone back to 8.1, which does just about everything 10 does anyway. In fact I find 8.1 easier to navigate and access settings to rectify problems. The Windows 10 mail would not sync my add on accounts so that I could receive mail with those accounts, but not send anything. Also I lost all my storage folders attached to my 8.1 mail and Windows 10 mail wont allow you to create folders. Also 10 kept defaulting my keyboard back to a UK layout. This caused lots of problems with entering passwords, until I relised my keyboard layout had been changed. Whoever designed the Windows 10 mail must be deranged.

  24. I upgraded an ASUS Laptop K72F series and lost all audio. Diagnostics said everything was "OK". After a week I uninstalled 10 and went back to 7 Home premium. BTW- Windows 10 indicated the ASUS was fully compatible — go figure. Any comments? Tks

  25. Lee Matson I had the ame problem and I use verizon, what I did is on the upper right corner of the page you will see a round wheel, click on that and scroll down to campatibility
    and click on that, on the top line of the next box type in your carrier, example verizon.com and then hit the add button. This cured all my problems with the email. Hope this helps.

  26. I have tried to upgrade my desktop and the screen goes blank around the 85% installed every time, so I have to restart the computer and it reverts back to 7. It has no issues on the specifications, and I reserved it as soon as it was available. I did not reserve it on my laptop, and it had no issues with the installation, but I never use the laptop

  27. I upgraded 3 laptops to Win 10, 1 32bit olderToshiba which originally ran vista upgraded to win7 then win 10 only problem was with graphics adapter, rollback to original driver fixed problem. Acer 5542 win7 64bit professional to win 10 no problems. Toshiba L750 win 8.1 to 10 no problems , 17days since upgrades and counting!

  28. I’ve updated 3 of my computers to Windows 10. 2 of them had Windows 7 Pro and 1 had Windows 8.1. Before doing the update, make sure your Windows 7 or 8.1 are up to date. Uninstall iTunes too, it doesn’t play well with Windows. All of them updated with out any issues. The SSD in my Dell laptop had read errors, so I’ve since done a clean install using the Windows 10 Product Code. It found all the drivers and I downloaded a couple from Dell.

  29. I went back to Wit. Will hold off several months before trying again!ndows 7 after 2 frantic weeks fearing all my documents and pictures were lost and trying not in the process to get angry with a host of Microsoft service techs. Managed to access my mail after a week and still had to go through 2-3 steps to do tha

  30. I've upgraded five computers to Win10 so far, and all five are working fine now. However, there were hiccups with the upgrade process, so my biggest piece of advice is to have a backup copy (image) of your "C" drive before you begin the upgrade. Make sure you can actually restore that image, by actually running the image restore program. I use Acronis True Image. I only needed it for one computer that went into a boot-up loop when I installed Win10. That computer has a Pentium G3258 processor, and there's a bug in Win10 regarding that particular processor. The fix was an updated motherboard driver, but you have to update the driver prior to installing Win10. Actually, that's my other piece of advice: update all your drivers prior to upgrading, especially your motherboard and video card.

  31. Lee Matson I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my email, and when I upgraded to Win10, Thunderbird was not changed at all. It works just like it did for Win7. I did have some WiFi problems at first, but was able to work around that by uninstalling/reinstalling my WiFi drivers.

  32. Windows 10 could not find my LAN or any public or private wi-fi networks. Waited up to 1 hour to connect to live chat support. No success. Scheduled call with support. Support did call back 1 hour later than scheduled. Told me they were aware of problem, wait 24-48 hours and problem should be fixed. Week + later still no fix. Uninstalled Windows 10. Went back to 8.1. Everything fine. Note, message showed up saying since I had 10 for less than 1-month I could still reinstall previous version. My advice Do not install Windows 10. Too many bugs/problems.

  33. I upgraded from win 7 to 10. After it boots up completely there’s no cursor. Tried to downgrade just using keyboard, that didn’t work. Any ideas? Just want to break it myself, not Microsoft!

  34. I have a problem with graphics. My card is an Intel®HDGraphics4600. Things keep shutting down. What research I have says it's a Windows issue not a driver that needs to be updated. But, anything I have tried does not work. What can I do?

  35. Upgraded to W 10 and did not get the transfer of all of my photos. Most everything else seems to be okay, except, email. It automatically opens email before you have a chance to delete unwanted emails. Seems a prime way to get malware, etc. that you couldn’t avoid.

  36. The installation of Win 10 went well. However, afterwards some applications wouldn’t work. Probably per the comment above updates for Win 10 haven’t been forthcoming. My right click context menu changed, dropping items, not allowing me to add back on. But the reason I uninstalled Win 10, is Bitdefender antivirus wouldn’t work. So I uninstalled Win 10, and found all my restore points were gone except the one I created before I installed Win 10. So using that restore point I was able to get Win 7 back on track, so far. I contacted Bitdefender, they sent me the website for the new version that is compatible with Win 10. So as soon as I read more about problems and fixes, like in these columns, I’ll reinstall Win 10.

  37. It's not Windows 10 that is the problem it is the manufacture of the wi-fi hardware that did not make new drivers for Windows 10. People have to go to the Wi-fi brand and get the new drivers if around. Authrous wi-fi on most boards are not supported yet by windows 10 until they make them. I installed over 24 Window 10 upgrades and had that problem in 3 of them as the machin is too old. Just saying. new drivers are being added all the time. I always runa compatability test before upgrad.

  38. My upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 was a disaster. Lost internet, couldn’t get into my documents. It was a mess. Called Microsoft and waited on the phone for over an hour, when I finally got someone they promised to call be back the next day. Never did. I’m back on Windows 7 and will remain there.

    • Same. Windows denied a network in sight, despite there being two in our household.
      In addition, two programmes would not work – “sie by side configuration was wrong, whatever the hell that is!

  39. I upgraded my 8.1 laptop immediately to 10 and went through perfect. Have all my files, emails, etc but lost my sound. Son in law tried a few things and working fine. It will take a little studying to learn new concepts but I really like it.

  40. My upgrade to Windows 10, from 8.1 Pro went fine EXCEPT the mail application. I retained my primary mail account LESS my saved address list, and lost my secondary mail account which I could access on my PC with one click. Now I have to use my secondary mail account by browser [ Webmail only ]. Whatever new mail app they use now on 10 sucks.

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