PC Matic – Vendor Whitelisting

PC Matic – Vendor Whitelisting

We recently learned that a CryptoLocker variant called CryptoWall has been randomizing its vendor; making it more difficult to be identified as malware. We created a solution to block CryptoWall by implementing our vendor whitelist in June, 2015. By bolstering our security experts’ process of reviewing additional factors of potential malware, we’re adding to the value we provide our customers and continuing to shift the burden of security away from IT staff and on to PC Matic.

There are two major benefits to our vendor whitelist, the first being the extra protection given to our customers. CryptoLocker is a game-changer, because for the first time, it is not possible to remediate this virus infection due to the encryption methods used. PC Matic’s whitelist approach, now armed with our vendor whitelist prevents CryptoLocker from running, and protects data from being encrypted by this ransomware.

The second benefit of the vendor whitelist is that our industry test results will improve. Our July 2014 VB100 result set industry records, but improvements can still be made. We hope to see an extremely positive result in late fall. A large part of our strategy is to demonstrate, through independent testing agencies, that our whitelist approach is superior to the approaches of our competitors.

To that end, we are testing with AV Test this summer and hope to see a positive result this autumn.

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8 thoughts on “PC Matic – Vendor Whitelisting”

  1. my next question:
    Does PCMatic’s on demand malware scanner also use the same whitelisting method as does supershield realtime monitoring?

  2. My other question. In using your product, I notice everytime Chrome or firefox or whoever comes up with a new auto matic update, I am unable to run it unless I override your white listing. You seem to be not keeping up with things as they get updated and it can lead to your customers (ME) just overriding your product entirely just to get the software they need to run for them. I need to use the browser, but your software is stopping me every time they have an update, which can be rather often. How can I overcome this problem?

  3. I don’t understand. How can whitelisting the vendor name solve anything? The virus writer could easily change and repost both vendor name as well as a new md5 inside of a few minutes or ever single day if they felt like it. How could you ever keep up with that? I’m confused. What am I missing?

  4. I am currently not be allowed by AT&T to watch NetFlix even though I am pay for netflix. AT&T is demanding that I watch some tutorial on copy right infringement. All4 of my computers are being held captive,until I meet thier demands. Any sugestions Help.

  5. I have already bought your malware. But I don’t know how to kick start it. Where is my confirmation and serial number or whatever so I can use the malware. I’m confused.

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