Growing Your PC Repair Business

Growing Your PC Repair Business

We are excited to welcome Matthew Rodela (Your friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy) as a contributor to and our weekly newsletter.

Matthew is the “man behind the scenes” at (Your friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy) and the owner/operator of Jiffy-PC, a computer consulting company outside of Washington, DC.

Be sure to check out Matthew’s blog and the latest episode of his Computer Business podcast:

In this episode I’ll be talking with Paco Lebron of Prodigy Teks about how to maximize the effectiveness of your part time computer business.

Also I have a ChannelCon recap, some exciting news about Tech Site Builder, and in the toolbox I’ll talk about a community where you can go to get free software tools and advice for growing your computer business.

All that and so much more in this episode of the Computer Business Podcast!

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