Computer Disaster Plan

Computer Disaster Plan

The experts at PCTechBytes discuss computer disaster preparedness.PC Matic.–PC Pitstop.

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PCTechBytes Round Table: Computer Disaster Preparedness

Our round table this session deals with user computer disaster preparedness. We all know hard drives fail and malware happens. What is you ability to get back to a fully-functional state with no loss of data? Our forum experts share their thoughts and experiences on this very topic.

What Is Your Favorite Backup Program

Dr Bob: My go to backup program for home users would be Acronis. It is extremely easy to use and very user friendly. Also, for around $50 you get a backup solution you can use right out of the box without much knowledge into that specific program.

My go-to backup program for Business users would be EaseUS Todo Backup Server/Workstation. There are two main reasons why I chose this as my go-to for businesses. First, is the cost. At under $200 you get quality software you can use to back up servers locally. The majority of server backup software is very expensive, with this package being the exception. Secondly, it is as easy or easier to use than Acronis and cheaper.

Dave: I use cloud backup for my pictures, music and other things, as well as a local Network Attached Storage device. I also routinely create and update disk images.

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One thought on “Computer Disaster Plan

  1. A faily complete overview of backup options.
    As is often the case the devil is in the detail & there is no detail here.
    What most people want is detailed, precise step by step procedural steps to execute the receommendations.
    I am reasonably experienced but do not know exactly how to deploy any of the several backup options.
    Such a subject deserves much better coverage – maybe split into several posts.
    Frankly yet again I am disappopinted with the shallow ceverage.

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