Businesses Targeted by Ransomware

Businesses Targeted by Ransomware

New research shows businesses of all sizes are now being specifically targeted by ransomware extortion.

Ransomware pushers up their game against small businesses
Lucian Constantin IDG News Service | Sep 24, 2015 6:41 AM PT

After extorting millions from consumers over the past few years, file-encrypting ransomware creators are increasingly focusing their attention on victims who are more likely to pay up: small and medium-sized businesses.

Throughout June and July, over 67 percent of users who clicked on malicious links in CryptoWall-related emails were from the SMB sector, researchers from antivirus vendor Trend Micro found. An additional 17 percent were from within large enterprises.

…researchers have seen many emails that were crafted specifically for business users during recent ransomware-related spam campaigns. Some of the most common lures include resumes, customer orders, passport scans, as well as notifications from postal services, telecommunications companies, utilities and government bodies.

Another indication that businesses are now the primary target is that ransomware spam campaigns are timed to coincide with the start of the work day in different regions.

Compared to consumers, SMBs are also more likely to give into this type of extortion because the files stored on their computers are often critical to their operations and also because they can afford paying the ransoms, which typically exceed $500.

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  2. One of the scripts i blocked (with NoScript) at the web page this “lead-in” points to is Hadn’t seen that one before and, given the article, I thought it was pretty strange!

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