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Men More Likely to Fall for Phishing Scams

Research by KnowBe4 shows that men were more likely to click on phishing emails then women.–PC Pitstop

Men More Likely to Fall for Phishing Scams

By Stu Sjouwerman, for Security Awareness Training

In an analysis done by KnowBe4 of 201,755 phishing emails sent over the past 30 days, it was found men appear to be more prone to clicking on a phishing email than women.

In further analysis, when tested over a 120 -day period with simulated phishing emails that lead to a data entry landing page and asked for input of credentials, men were found to give up credentials 225% more than females. Here are the numbers:

The average of the male Data Entry percentages is 4.05%, the average Data Entry for females is 1.80%, which makes for males being 225% more likely to enter their credentials.

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One thought on “Men More Likely to Fall for Phishing Scams

  1. i must be on the fringe of avarage then. sure, i'll open emails from the nygerian embasy or the fbi or the desperate laywer from britain who says i'm a benefactor of millions, but only to get a laugh at how stupidly they're written…and then delete them. there's no way i'm gonna be foolish enough to send them any information and, since i don't use social websites, there's no way anyone can engineer a spearphishing attack on me.

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