Sharing Music Files on OneDrive

How to easily transfer files from my Windows PC to my smartphone.–PC Pitstop

Sharing Music Files on OneDrive

By Dave Taylor

The Question:My daughter gives me USB drives with music she’s recorded as MP3 files. I love it, but I want to share them with my friends on my phone. How do I easily transfer them from my Windows machine to my smartphone?

Dave’s Answer:

If you’re already living in a Windows world, then you have a great solution integrated into your system once you get it all configured: OneDrive. It’s Microsoft’s cloud storage system and not only will it let you easily copy those files to your smartphone, it will also give you a permanent storage solution so you can enjoy those songs forever.

Now don’t be too intimidated by “once you get it all configured” because if you have a Microsoft Live account — which you probably do if you’re running Windows as it’s hard not to have one set up — then you’ve got everything you need, you just need to sign in to OneDrive on your Windows PC.

To start, you’ll need to find the file that you want to share.

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