Fixing Browser Problems

Common troubleshooting steps for solving browser problems.–PC Pitstop.

Fixing Browser Problems

By Leo Notenboom

Actually, I talk about browser problems all the time. Particularly since people encounter browser problems all the time. 🙂

The problem, though, is that it’s never as simple as telling you “well, here’s what you do to stop ‘not responding’ problems”. There are so many possible causes, there’s no way to know which one might apply in your situation.

What I use instead is a more general approach to dealing with internet web browser problems that applies to all popular browsers – not only FireFox, but Chrome, Internet Explorer, and more.

Scan for malware

It’s certainly not the most common cause, but browser problems can be a sign of malware.

Start by running full scans, making sure that your security software and anti-malware tools are up-to-date. If malware is found, make sure it’s cleaned off.

If that makes your browser problems go away, then of course you’re done.

Clear the cache

This is such a common answer that until recently1 I actually had what I call a “stock answer” configured in the question-answering system used by my assistants and myself. A couple of keystrokes on our part provides this answer:

I’ll suggest that you begin by clearing your browser cache, as described in this article: What’s a browser cache, how do I “clear” it, and why would I want to? Sometimes a browser’s cache can become corrupt, or just somewhat confused, and can cause a variety of issues.

That answer is so common, and so applicable in so many situations, that we just got tired of typing it over and over and over again as applicable questions came in.

Needless to say, next to scanning for malware, clearing the cache is the first thing I recommend when dealing with just about any browser-related problem. It clears up a surprising number of issues. Visit What’s a browser cache, how do I “clear” it, and why would I want to? for instructions.

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4 thoughts on “Fixing Browser Problems

  1. My computer is so slow that it is completely useless sometimes. I have it set to run your software every day at 2am, but I don’t know if it even runs. I have the fastest internet speed possible from time Warner. I use RR email and it takes up to a minute for an email to load or delete. Then, I get this email from you this morning telling me that the way to fix my computer is to download another product, which I did and it found 1479 issues, but it wanted money to fix it. I paid you. Why the hell should I have to pay someone else to do what you have been paid to do. I’ve complained before, but all I ever get is an email several hours later when I am not even home telling me some technical stuff. If I knew all that tech crap, I wouldn’t need to pay you to do the job. And so far, no one has ever called me to ask about my problems. You have my phone # 336 249 1973. I had My clean Pc for 2 years and they did a good job. They would come online and take over my computer and fix all the problems, but something happened and they started doing things differently. Instead of talking directly to the Tech, they started booking the calls and I would have to wait 2 hours sometimes for the tech to call back. So after seeing your face on TV Ads every 10 min at night, I chose your product.

  2. My computor Malware protection Check Settings shows off
    PC Matic Super Shield reports that it is turned off. PC Matic has not provided Security Center with a Program to fix this issue. I am new with PC Matic about three weeks approx. And I am having problems with freezing and do not understand how to turn on PC Matic Super Shield. I can scan and it shows everything is o.k. but my comp. show above off.

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