The Price for Free

Will the proliferation of ad-blocking software lead to a ‘pay per view’ internet?–PC Pitstop.

The Price for Free

by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

Ads – The Price We Pay for “Free“

As soon as companies realized the sheer reach and potential of the world wide web, it quickly became the “in” medium for pushing products and promoting sales. Ads galore – it doesn’t matter what site you visit, you are almost certain to be confronted with ads – some right there in your face, others of the more subtle variety.

No wonder then that millions of users have turned to ad-blocking software to rid themselves of this annoyance and, at the same time, increase their enjoyment of using the Web. BUT, and it is a huge but, is this proliferation of ad-blocking software now itself set to slowly but surely change the inherent nature of the internet via its negative impact on revenue?

The first steps on the road to pay-for-view have already begun with news sites such as The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Times all limiting content for non-paying readers. Now, German tabloid “” is preventing users from even accessing the site if they have ad-blocking software installed and active:

The two alternatives are currently to either disable the ad-blocking software or pay $3.40 per month to access a mostly ad-free version of the site. According to publisher Axel Springer, these measures are necessary for to make ends meet:

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3 thoughts on “The Price for Free

  1. I hoestly, do not mind having ads, on most websites. What I really hate, are the ads that are almost porn!!! I hate pop-up ads, too. I realize that many websites have the ads, to support their cost, of running their websites.

    Why don’t these websites contract or sign up with, good ad companies, that will help them and not offend their customers/viewers? Right now, I am very selective in choosing which webites that I disable my ad blocking program. I am more than willing to support those websites that need the money and usually, these websites have ads that are compatiable with their website.

  2. Mabe if sites didn't push more ads than content, ad blocking software wouldn't be required. For instance, an article on Yahoo about ad blocking displayed more than 100 ads (according to PC-Matic's ad blocking)

  3. Most of the sites who limit access to their "news" reports are biased towards our criminal "foreign policy". I go to the independent sites for the honest facts about the lies told by the lame stream media. There is very little truth in the RACIST zionist controlled media.

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