Media Player Missing in Windows 10

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Media Player Missing in Windows 10

By Dave Taylor

The Question:I’m afraid to upgrade to Windows 10 because I heard that Microsoft has axed Windows Media Player and I have a ton of music in WMP I want to be able to play. What’s the story?

Dave’s Answer:

First off, let’s assuage any anxiety here: Windows Media Player is most assuredly a part of Windows 10 from Microsoft and is included in every distribution of the system. As you point out, how else would you be able to listen to all that music you have saved on your computer or laptop? Well, there is Apple’s iTunes for Windows, but let’s get real…


Having said that, there is some functionality that fell out of Windows Media Player on the upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10, and if you’re jumping from Win7 to Win10, well, you might be surprised the first time you put a DVD into your computer and have an error message about there being no way to play the DVD. The difference is that there’s no Windows Media Player, so while your music’s fine, your movies aren’t so much.

In fact, put in a DVD and it’ll just say there’s no associated program. You can buy Windows DVD Player for Windows 10 from Microsoft through the App Store, but it’s just as easy to grab VLC for free, and as a bonus, VLC is a lot more capable…

That’s why there’s a lot of confusion about Windows Media Player, but it’s misplaced.

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3 thoughts on “Media Player Missing in Windows 10

  1. I have XP on several older workhorse pcs (NO problems what-so-ever) and Win7 on several others and I plan on using them all for a long, long time. Hopefully MS will have refined Win10 enough to bother with it!

  2. I use Win 7 with Media Center to watch programs on cable not available through streaming. Media Center is not available on Win 10 and MS recently changed how I get program information, so many things don’t work properly. I wish they’d support it and fix the mess they created.

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