PC Matic as a Gift

Some thing happened during the computer revolution. I became the tech support for my friends, family and neighbors. Over time, computers became more reliable and Windows became more stable, but viruses still struck.

That’s why last year, I gave everyone in my family the most important Christmas gift, a life time subscription for PC Matic. Because of PC Matic’s white list approach to security, I no longer have to worry whether they get a virus. Their computers are run faster and last longer, because of PC Matic’s automated maintenance. Plus, I have not received a call in the last year on anything!

I want to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and if you have not considered PC Matic as a Christmas gift, please do. If you are your family’s technical support, it will pay for itself.

Click Here to Give PC Matic as a Gift

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2 thoughts on “PC Matic as a Gift”

  1. Rob-Have been shopping for security software/paying attention to your commercials.Had decided 2go w/you.Then last night saw commercial of yours stating more or less-‘Obama has done nothing (to keep us secure,etc). WHAT? comeon – keep biased politics out of software sales. GoodGrief. I don’t think software development is Obama’s responsibility. Not buying your product&will pass word to my associates/friends/relatives. Tacky Rob. Not accurate, even worse than tacky.

    1. Hi Valerie,

      I am sorry that you did not like our latest ad. Of course the entire ad is a little satirical. I am not running for president, nor is our product. We are running the ad exclusively on Fox News so it was my hope that making a comment about the president would draw some positive attention.

      On the serious side, I do believe that the software that out government uses to protect their computers, is foreign made, and ineffective at stopping modern threats. So it is a risk to our security. President Obama is the first president to have to deal with cyber security in a meaningful way. And honestly, his administration has done nothing.

      Merry Christmas.

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