Dell Customers Targeted by Support Scam

Dell Customers Targeted by Support Scam

Information was recently released reporting a potential data breach at Dell, as scammers have reached out to Dell customers posing as the company’s technical support team.  The concept of scammers posing as tech support is not new as it was reported as the single largest fraud in the U.S. just last year; but what raises concern is how these scammers have knowledge of each customer’s technical support incidents.  Dell customer, Joseph, shared his experience with the scammer’s phone call in an Ars Technica article regarding the potential breach.

“What made the calls interesting was that they had all the information about my computer; model number, serial number, and notably the last item I had called Dell technical support about (my optical drive),” Ars reader Joseph B. wrote in an e-mail. “That they knew about my optical drive call from several months prior made me think there was some sort of information breach versus just my computer being compromised.”

Dell has not confirmed a data breach, but did make the following statement:

“Protection of our customers’ data is a top priority for Dell,” the spokeswoman wrote. “We ask our customers keep in mind, we do not make unsolicited calls asking to charge to fix an issue they did not report or previously request help with unless they have signed up for our premium support services like Dell Tech Concierge, Dell Premium Support or Dell ProSupport services.”

Click here to read the Ars Technica article in its entirety.

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18 thoughts on “Dell Customers Targeted by Support Scam”

  1. Out of the blue I got one of these calls recently telling me that a virus was detected on my PC. Fortunately I’m tech savvy and told the gentleman very nicely “to go fuck himself”!

  2. Way to be roundabout about the whole thing, Dell. Just come out and admit there was a breach! What the heck?! They must be hurting financially and can’t afford to take the PR hit.

  3. My laptop got invaded by a virus and has completely locked me out of it. I have called you 4 times, hoping to get some advice or assistance on getting rid of this virus since I have PC Matic on both my computers. Unfortunately, you don’t have anyone working for you that knows how to answer a telephone other than a computer. I want a call back from a live person to tell me how to get rid of this virus, or you can just refund my money and I will take my chances with one of the overseas made anti virus systems. At least they have tech assistance people that answer the phone and will help with a problem like this. You brag about being American made and all that but you should be ashamed of yourselves for making such a statement if 0 rate service when asked for tech assistance is all you can give.

    1. Kenneth-
      We do not offer phone based customer service. However, our team is available 7 days a week via to assist you.

      1. @kayla: I had the same problem as Kenneth. How in the world are we supposed to contact PCMatic when our computers have been hit with whatever is ailing them and we CANNOT get to your That’s why I left Why won’t you give your customers another option, like some kind of emergency phone number where someone can at least help us get our computers back up and running so we CAN go to This is why I left

        1. If for any reason you are unable to utilize the function, users are also able to email our support team directly at Understandably this may also be an issue if the computer is completely unable to function.

  4. I made a purchase on behalf of a client; and fortunately, I received the phone call as the buyer of record, not my client (who may or may not have known Dell doesn't do that). They id'ed the model and purchase date to "authenticate" the call, but disconnected the call quickly once I started asking questions about how they determined there was a "problem".

  5. It happened to me now x2. They even use Dell's technical support phone # to call me. Dell has advised me that they don't call you unless you have a problem and they notify you they are calling vack- which is rare. I have reported to Dell fraud unit several times. It stops and then it stars again. Don't let them have access to your computer!

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