Increase Cyber Security – Decrease Human Element

Cyber Security Threats Increase With Increased Human Responsibility

One of the biggest threats in cyber security is something that is completely unpatchable, humans.  Think about the latest pop-up ad you clicked on, the last friend request you accepted, or the last email you opened.  Do you know for certain that none of those were phishing attempts?  Opening ads, emails, or accepting connection requests from people or companies we don’t know leaves security holes that we may be unaware of.  So what can we do to fix this?  Unfortunately there are controls for everything, with the exception of  human behavior.  With the proper tools the human element could be decreased, thus lowering the susceptibility to error and security gaps.  For those concepts that require the human element, it is imperative that proper training take place to educate the individuals on security risks.

To find out additional information on the impact of human errors on cyber security, how this risk could be effecting your organization, and how to train employees to increase cyber security, check out the KnowBe4 blog here.

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