Malware Projected to Increase Beyond 230k Samples Daily

Even More Malware Issues Expected in 2016

The increased risks for malware infections on both business and personal PCs has become quite the trending topic.  In 2015, cybercriminals were creating malware samples at an average rate of 230,000 per day.  It is projected that these malware samples will continue to increase as cybercriminals attack both at a personal and corporate level.  Recently, the international company, Cisco Systems tested the software of 115,000 devices for security gaps.  Of these, 92 percent were identified as having security vulnerabilities.

Unfortunately, with these increased risks of malware attacks, it is important to know if your PC is potentially infected.  Computer Business Review shared the top five things to help you determine if your computer is infected:

1. Unusually slow speed – Slow speed can be the first red flag noticed when a PC becomes infected with malware.

2. Unwanted browser revamps – Does your web browser look newly updated, and you did not update it?  This could be a potential malware hack.

3. Suspicious social media messages –  These are messages that appear to have been sent from your social media accounts to friends, which could include malicious links.

4. Computer crashes and/or program problems – Typically, we think it could be a small technical issue causing this, although at times it could be more than a simple technical problem.

5. Pop-ups, pop-ups, pop-ups – The most common form of adware; however these could also include ill-intended links.

So what can you do to prevent malware?  If you already have an anti-virus program, make sure it is enabled.  There are times where the anti-virus program could become unintentionally disabled, leaving your PC completely unprotected.  Also, you will want to be sure to check your firewalls, as well as ensure your PC is up-to-date with all software updates.

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2 thoughts on “Malware Projected to Increase Beyond 230k Samples Daily

  1. When is PC Pitstop going to create an anti-virus and internet security program? At this point, there is nothing that you offer that is better than the free version of Malwarebytes.

    • Hello,
      Our anti-virus program, PC Matic, actually functions quite differently than any other anti-virus program. With our whitelisting technology the risk of polymorphic viruses is nonexistent, compared to the blacklisting approach of our competitors. I encourage you to check it out!

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