BleepingComputer’s Negative Review Leads to Lawsuit

BleepingComputer Prepares for Lawsuit Due to Negative Review…

Enigma Software, the company behind SpyHunter, filed a lawsuit against BleepingComputer for a negative review they posted on their forum.  Enigma believes BleepingComputer has an incentive to write a negative review of SpyHunter due to a relationship they have with Malwarebytes, a competitor of SpyHunter.  However, these accusations of slander are questionable, as the writer of the forum not only provided his opinion but included external sources to the stated facts as well.

BleepingComputer feels as though their right to free speech is being attacked.  BleepingComputer’s owner, Lawrence Abrams, is concerned that suits similar to this threaten those whose profession is to simply share their ideas and opinions.  According to Softpedia, Abrams made the following statement regarding what he is deeming a SLAPP suit:

“Allowing suits like this to win in court only encourages companies to go after other bloggers and the security community as a whole. It is important that everyone who cares about security to stand up, fight back, and rally around this cause. We need to show them that this is not acceptable and get our message out there.”

Due to the climbing legal costs of the lawsuit, BleepingComputer has set up a GoFundMe account, and is also taking contributions via PayPal.  PC Pitstop has made a $1,000 contribution to their defense costs.  If you are interested in supporting BleepingComputer against Enigma Software, you can find the PayPal and GoFundMe links here.


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