PC Matic's CEO Talks PC Security and Performance

PC Matic’s CEO Talks PC Security and Performance

Rob Cheng is Featured on Into Tomorrow Podcast With Dave Graveline: PC Matic’s CEO Talks PC Security and Performance:

Today, PC Matic’s CEO, Rob Cheng participates in Dave Graveline’s, Into Tomorrow, podcast.  “At PC Matic, we focus on three things”:

* Providing the best security software

* Optimizing PC speeds through weekly maintenance

* Developing and supporting their products, right here in the United States

Rob explains how all these three things are within PC Matic’s security software.  He explains how their software compares to the competition, and why PC Matic’s application whitelisting function is superior to the competitors’ blacklisting operations; especially with the growing threat of polymorphic viruses.

Rob Cheng, CEO of PC Matic Talks PC Security and Performance

Listen to everything PC Matic’s CEO, Rob Cheng, has to say below:

Antivirus software from PC Matic uses application whitelisting and blacklisting to protect your PC. Learn more about the best PC protection software on the market to prevent hacking, malware, ransomware and give you the best privacy protection online.

Security and Performance for Mobile Apps.

In addition to computer security, App safety is also an important cybersecurity issue. Many mobile apps are made overseas and your data is stored outside the US. Many users assume their data is safe and privacy is secure. Since, ID theft and data breaches are on the rise so mobile app safety is increasing in importance.

Do you know where you are sending your private data? Learn more about mobile app safety.

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5 thoughts on “PC Matic’s CEO Talks PC Security and Performance”

  1. Brenda O'Bannon

    Phone call at 11:24am CST on 3/4/’17 to my phone from 800/772-9383.
    Whoever called me needs to be fired. Not a good business professional.
    Called me with notice that my computer showed it had a problem.
    I ask them by using the phrase “Yall” and the sorry, supposed rep for
    PCMatic mocked me, made fun of me. I know you probably think this is a
    trivial matter but assholes like this should not be working for you. I used
    to have PCMatic but do not have it any longer.

    1. Kayla Thrailkill

      Brenda — This was a scam. PC Matic does not offer phone based support. I am sorry you experienced this, however rest assured, it was not us contacting you. It is my hope you hung up on this person before providing them access to your PC, or paying them to “fix” whatever issue they said you had.

  2. Personally, as one who has been in business for many years, I prefer written communications between my company and those with whom I do business. It is only the surest way to eliminate miscommunication which verbal conversations are prone to. When a company suggests they cannot respond to my problem via email, chat, whatever and that I should call them, I always decline because I want what is said to be recorded in writing. It is the only way to protect my company and its interests.

  3. I don’t do business with companies that refuse to have a phone number available to contact customer service or technical support. I don’t (like many people your not generating revenue from) have time to waste typing conversations to address situation that could be taken care of with more clairaty much quicker. Not that all help would need audio help but when needed would be nice. I’m one of many individuals in business that have this view. Get a # Thanks

    1. Hello Jerry,
      Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. Since PC Pitstop has been in business, we have found that online support has been the most effective and efficient method for technical assistance. We will continue to strive to meet our customer’s needs, the best way we know how. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and concerns regarding this matter.
      Have a wonderful day!

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