Malwarebytes PUP Classification cause Enigma lawsuit.

PC Pitstop Sides with BleepingComputer

PC Pitstop Supports BleepingComputer’s Defense Against Enigma

PC Pitstop is all too familiar with what BleepingComputer is going through in regards to the recent lawsuit filed against them from Enigma Software for their negative review of SpyHunter, citing false advertising, commercial disparagement and defamation.  In 2003 PC Pitstop was sued by Gator Corporation, now Claria Corporation, for similar claims.  PC Pitstop ended up settling out of court with Claria Corporation, and the terms of the settlement remain confidential; however PC Pitstop’s opinion of the company has not changed.   

PC Pitstop’s founder and CEO, Rob Cheng, shared his thoughts on the topic:

“When I heard about the suit between Enigma and Bleeping Computer, I was amazed at the parallels between PC Pitstop and Gator.  Back in 2003, Gator was the #1 spyware and making a killing.  They even considered going public.  And they came after PC Pitstop with a spurious law suit, just to force us off to take the eye off the ball.  Back then, we were only two people, so they succeeded.  The similarities are striking.”

PC Pitstop is in full support of BleepingComputer in their fight against Enigma Software.  Not only did BleepingComputer simply share an opinion, but also provided third party evidence supporting their final decision.  To show our support, PC Pitstop has made a $1,000 contribution to assist with the defense costs BleepingComputer is accumulating.  If you would like to make a donation to go toward their legal fees, you can do so via GoFundMe or PayPal by clicking here

Unfortunately, lawsuits like these are reminders to those providers similar to BleepingComputer, of the risks of providing negative reviews.  One of our contributors, Leo Notenboom, shared his thoughts on the lawsuit and his hesitation for sharing negative reviews below.


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3 thoughts on “PC Pitstop Sides with BleepingComputer”

  1. Hey, if the people at Spyhunter disagree, why not simply offer their defense to the bleepingcomputer website review as a response? Why not? Because they KNOW their product is just as bad as has been reported. So, they do the “we’re suing you” thing. I hope they LOSE & then they need to be FINED for taking up the courts (& BC’s) valuable time. Jerks.

  2. Bleeping Computer deserve better than this. They’ve been a great help to me, my business and my customers. I’ll be adding to the fund too.

  3. Both “SpyHunter” and “Gator now Claria Corporation” are both a piece of scheibenkleister and I would not recommend their use by anyone.

    SpyHunder goes too far and eliminates User Option(s) which are then very difficult to get back into the system Tray as active functional options. I used it once on a test workstation and never again. As for Gator / Claria I would not touch it with a barge pole.
    OK, so sue me for my opinions which are backed by 35+ years of IT Technical experience.

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