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Newest International PC Matic Commercials

PC Matic has grown to a major security publisher in the U.S., U.K. and Japan.  Check out our latest Japanese commercials here: 


TVCM Message says “PC Matic does not affect PC Performance with high protection. Suitable for PC Gaming”


TVCM Message says “PC Matic can protect from any new threat by whitelist technology. You can click any files attached to the e-mail”


**PC Matic administrative, support and developmental services are exclusively located in the U.S.



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7 thoughts on “Newest International PC Matic Commercials”

  1. john h. lott, jr.

    you lie on tv over 10 times a day; you say “if not satisfied get a full refund.” my refund is $50. send it to 26834 hwy 58, Baskerville, va 23915.

    1. Kayla Thrailkill

      Ubuntu is a OS replacement, or you can run it along with your current OS. Read more in the newsletter regarding for the security risks associated with Ubuntu.

  2. TheOncomingStorm

    what does this have to do with any replacement os and it’s lack of security? nothing! that title was just click-bait for to shove links to pcmatic commercials into your face. talk about a load of bs.

  3. Sorry, PC-Matic does not interface with any email client and affords no real-time protection against infected email messages. Only a scan by the PC Matic malware/virus scan would possibly remove the tainted message, i.e. it does not clean it but removes it. Not good for a Companies LAN or WAN interface when needing to forward email messages and the possibility to forward an infected message !!!

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