Malvertising…Heard of it?

Malvertising is becoming more prevalent, and you’ll never guess where it can be found…

Malvertising is the concept of inserting malware into legitimate advertising, and it’s growing in popularity.  While conducting research on website vulnerabilities, Randy Westergren found several sites with vulnerabilities that could be accessed to insert malicious codes into legitimate ads.  Some of these sites included:, and  The seriousness of the issue increases when vulnerabilities are found on major retail sites, such as Walmart.  Westergren reported,

“It wouldn’t be difficult for an attacker to leverage these vulnerable ads in order to hijack sessions, leading to a complete account takeover.”

So what can you do to prevent that from happening.  Two words: ad blocker.  Some security software programs, such as PC Matic, have an ad blocker already included in their security software.  However, some do not.   

To ensure you are safe from these malvertising scammers, it is advised you make sure your ad blocker is enabled, and your security software is up to date.  

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3 thoughts on “Malvertising…Heard of it?”

  1. I think my PC has that Malvertising on it…..I have run my PCMATIC scan multiple times thinking it will remove it, but every time I click on one of my apps it opens just fine then all of a sudden ads start popping on one at a time until they cover the Web page so I can’t see the items on the page I opened. So I close it and try again but the same thing happens all over again. So I tried going to the Internet browser and bring up the same page and it works fine, no ads popping up. But if I close it and click on my apps it does it again. So I think the Malvertising is in my apps. How can my PCMATIC remove it? I have scanned multiple times one after the other and it is still happening when I click a app. I even tried sliding the app in the trash and pulling a new app from the site I opened in my browser and it happens all over again when I click on the app. But once again not when I look at the website with my browser. I entered the name of one of the websites it happens to if I try using a desk top app to open it below in the website box you provided….oh and the advertising that ends up covering the website page is Midway USA adds….in forms of block ads and ticker tape type until it fills the page I’m trying to look at.

      1. @Kayla Thrailkill:
        I get something similar, results when using google chrome. The ads that popup on the web page I’m looking at are ALMOST always related to items I’ve previously looked at on other webpages. Such as,, etc.

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