Microsoft Windows 7 OS – Still Going Strong

windows 7 marches on

Operating System Adaptation Trends

As Microsoft continues with a steady stream of operating system options and service packs, we here at PC Pitstop, have an insider’s view into the world of Microsoft Windows. In particular, we have a front row seat to the rate at which Microsoft’s latest operating systems are accepted into the market place.

With Alternative OS Upgrades Available, Windows 7 Still Going Strong

According to the data PC Pitstop is able to accumulate based upon the operating systems of our software users, it has been found that Windows 7 is still being utilized by a large percentage of users.  The real-time statistics shown below display how Microsoft Windows 7 is still going strong, even with two alternative upgrades, Windows 8 and Windows 10, available.

Home users decrease Windows 7 use at a faster rate than businesses…

Since the start of 2014, personal home use of Microsoft Windows 7 has decreased at a steady rate, until early 2015 where a drop off occurred.  On the other hand, business users increased their use of Windows 7 use, until early 2015.  At that time, businesses joined the trend and Windows 7 use significantly decreased.  However, roughly 45% of businesses continue to use the Windows 7 OS.

Windows 7 Usage – Home v Business

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1 thought on “Microsoft Windows 7 OS – Still Going Strong”

  1. Windows 7 is still the best ever OS for business, hands down

    Windows 8/10 may be a bit more efficient in some respects, but the additional time in troubleshooting user issues, inconsistent configuration of apps, emphasis of the UI on accessing entertainment rather than productivity and just plain difficulty in finding things on your computer outweigh any additional “technical” advantages IMO, we won’t be using Windows 10 for some time

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