PC Pitstop’s Forum Community is Stronger Than Ever

PC Pitstop’s forum was created in 2000.  Since, it has continued to generate more memberships, and has become increasingly successful.

PC Pitstop has a free forum available to the public.  The forum includes an array of topics including but not limited to: operating systems, viruses/malware/adware, smart devices, and assistance for PC Pitstop software.  The public is free to read through each of the forum topics; however if they desire to post a question or response, membership is required.  In order to become a member, there is a “Join” function on the right hand side, below the search bar.  Once anyone becomes a member, they also gain access to two featured discussion boards: General Discussions and Political Discussions. 

One of the things that drives the success of this community is the structure of the community rules, as well as the respect for those rules.  We have all heard “there is no such thing as a dumb question”, yet at times when a question is asked in a forum, the inquisitor is made to look like a fool.  At the PC Pitstop Forums, that is absolutely not tolerated.  This is a strong foundation for the community.  Each one of our members, moderators, and administrators are there to help one another.  Without the individuals who ask the questions and post the topics, we wouldn’t have a forum!

That being said, to the thousands among thousands forum members, many of which have been with the forum since the beginning, we want to say thank you.  To those of you who have asked the questions, posted the topics and provided the feedback, again, we thank you.  Here is what a few of our members had to say about the PC Pitstop Forum members and community:

“I feel very privileged to have had the chance to meet, chat, argue with, and get to know even if only just a little bit in this virtual world of the internet.  It’s because this forum was here in the first place that I got that chance.” – Terry1966

“PC Pitstop Forums is a great place to learn from our volunteers, find answers to your PC problems and have an all around good time in general! Oh yeah, we have some really nice people too, and it’s not hard to acquire new friends…” – caintry_boy

“I’m a long time member here at the pit and have come to look at the forum and its members as family…this is a great place to learn about anything that has to do with computers, the members and staff are friendly and patient. when I came to the PC Pitstop forum back in 2003 I knew little to nothing about computers, I now build my own computers as well as for others and have made a living at doing so. I have been a member at so many other forums BUT I keep coming back here since the members actually seem to care about helping others. I am a member here at PC Pitstop for life!!” – brownhornet

“I came for the excellent help with my Windows 98se computer problems and I stayed because the membership here is inclusive and mentoring. If you can’t get help or knowledge here you just might be screwed. Top Notch!” – Humbluemoon

The PC Pitstop Forum is a strong community, and we invite you to be a part of it.


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