Hacked fell victim to a recent phishing scam…

According to Info Security Magazine,, a website used to find services such as child and adult care, found itself a victim of a phishing scam.  Thirty-nine employees’ W-2 information was hacked, which released private information such as their names, addresses and social security numbers.

Ironically the CTO of the website, Dave Krupinski, was recently boasting about the level of security implements.

Dodi Glenn, Vice President of Cybersecurity at PC Pitstop, made the following statement to Info Security Magazine:

“Employee education about different types of phishing attacks, and taking a proactive approach in planning for a breach (e.g. ensuring security systems like antivirus and perimeter appliances, etc. are updated) are a must.”

Read the full Info Security Magazine article here.

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2 thoughts on “ Hacked

  1. “Ironically the CTO of the website….was recently boasting about the level of security implements”

    haha, reminds me of the saying: “he that is standing should beware that he does not fall.” in other words, don’t let your confidence become arrogance.

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