10 Helpful Tips When Going From Windows to OS X

Going from Windows to OS X?  Here are the top 10 helpful tips you may need to familiarize yourself with when changing operating systems…

I remember, several years ago, being in art class, and we had to use Macs.  I was lost.  It was completely foreign to me.  The mouse only had one button.  What was that about?  I didn’t understand how to do anything!  I eventually learned, as I am sure most do.  However, for those who don’t have a teacher who can walk you through the basics, it can be frustrating to try and teach yourself how to use a whole new operating system.

With Apple devices growing in popularity, chance are, you will encounter a Mac.  They are still very different than using a Windows operating system.  Mac World has provided a link that will help answer the basic questions regarding how to function the OS X platform the Mac uses.  It includes how to:

  1. Right click (yes, it’s still a common problem!)
  2. Opening PC files
  3. Shut down options
  4. Finding a program
  5. Uninstalling a program
  6. Closing, maximizing, and minimizing programs
  7. Control-Alt-Delete
  8. Finding the control panel
  9. Moving between multiple programs
  10. Setting up multiple users

I hope you find it useful!

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