Hard Drive Trends

Hard drive trends continue to show an increase in disk storage space…

Although hard drives are not made from silicon, amazingly enough, the disk manufacturers appear to be following Moore’s law. Based on our research and industry trends, storage capacities double every two years, same as processors. The hard drive industry has consistently discovered new technologies to cram more information on a small platter.

Having larger hard drives has benefited all of us as our PC’s use expands to serve our music, gaming and video needs. The information below is updated monthly, so come back often to see how the world of processors is evolving.

Median Disk Capacity Surpasses 100GB

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With the increased competition amongst disk manufacturers, the storage space continues to increase for PCs, which allows us to use our PCs in ways that historically, we could not.  Such as internet streaming and downloading music and videos.

Desktop Storage Capacities Over 2X those of Portables

Desktops continue to have more hard drive space than portable computers primarily because they have the physical space to accommodate multiple hard drives, unlike portable devices.

Businesses Finally Caught up to Home Storage

It wasn’t until 2015 that businesses caught up to home user hard drive space.

US Second to Last in Disk Storage Space

Disk space has made a steady increase in all countries surveyed, with the exception of the spike and drop-off action seen in ROW.

Men Have Big Disks

Men have an average of 200GB more hard drive than females.  I wonder what they’re doing with all that extra space…!

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3 thoughts on “Hard Drive Trends”

  1. @ Sam “Grand Dragon” Hyde – I take personal offense at your women comment.

    I am a woman, who is very computer savvy and have built from scratch 12 computers. Plus, I am self-taught.

    I have found that the extra space is excellent for photographers and graphic designers. Music buffs also benefit.

    Right now, I have a 1TB hard drive and I am only using approximately 47GB. Is the rest wasted? I don’t think so, this gives me the opportunity to expand, with my music library and pictures of my family.

  2. Sam "Grand Dragon" Hyde

    “I wonder what they’re doing with all that extra space”

    Not filling it up with casual garbage like women do.

  3. Fancy but hard to read graphs!
    Nothing on cost/Tb!!
    Or number of HD/PC.
    & again nothing about expected life or best way to monitor HD deterioration.
    I won’t be back

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